Developer Tools: Platforms Designed To Excel Your Company’s Operations

Nov 07, 2023

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying competitive and efficient is paramount. Enter developer tools, the unsung heroes of modern enterprises. These versatile tools, designed for developers but invaluable to all, possess the transformative power to streamline your company's operations like never before.

Dev tools offer a suite of capabilities that can optimize processes, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. By harnessing these tools, your organization can eliminate bottlenecks, reduce manual work, and achieve faster, more reliable results.

Here are a few platforms geared toward streamlining your organization’s workflows:

Unified - Integrate empowers software companies to effortlessly incorporate customer-facing integrations into their products at scale. Developers achieve a 100x faster integration launch through the next-gen Unified API solution, eliminating the need to read documentation or endure lengthy development cycles. Customer-facing integrations open avenues for growth and enhanced product functionality. With, developers can deploy multiple integrations simultaneously in hours, not years, offload integration maintenance, and enrich their products with vital third-party customer data.

Devpass - Onboard

Devpass is the definitive software developer's companion to explain your team's coding patterns, improve their understanding of your tech stack, and help new team members onboard efficiently. It takes, on average, 3-9 months to fully ramp up software engineers, and they can spend up to 40% of their time clarifying poor communication and chasing information in order to fully integrate into their roles. Devpass ensures easy access to your team's practical knowledge to onboard new team members more quickly and seamlessly. With Devpass, engineers get to code faster,  while protecting access to your production code and/or sensitive data. Devpass only needs your tech stack and coding patterns to create customized learning experiences for your entire team.

OnBoardBase - Secure

Today’s cloud-native engineering teams are facing an approaching DevOps security crisis. The growing number of cloud services and tools spread across many newly remote and distributed teams has increased the risk surface area and is stretching even the experienced security-conscious teams. Onboardbase is an end-to-end secret platform that allows you to work with engineers, contractors, third parties, and infrastructure without worrying about security risks. Eliminate the tradeoff between developer productivity and security and step into a new era of secure-by-default, seamless development workflows, balancing speed and security.

About the Author
Alisha Golden

Investment Manager at Techstars Toronto