2023 Techstars All-Star Mentors Named

Feb 19, 2024

Today Techstars announces the 2023 All-Star Mentors. Over the last year, these Mentors have gone above and beyond to provide guidance and build meaningful relationships with Techstars founders.

"Mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the journeys of individuals by sharing their wisdom, experiences, and networks, thereby accelerating personal and professional growth. Their guidance helps in overcoming challenges, unlocking potential, and setting a foundation for lasting success and fulfillment in various endeavors," said Sara Wadud, Senior Manager, Global Mentorship Program at Techstars. "All-Star Mentors, with their exceptional expertise and commitment, amplify this impact by fostering an environment where ambitious goals are not just envisioned but achieved."

Congratulations to the following 2023 Techstars All-Star Mentors:

ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator

ARM Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator

Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator

Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator

Techstars Anywhere Remote Accelerator

Techstars Atlanta powered by Cox Enterprises

Techstars Boston Accelerator

Techstars Boulder Accelerator

Techstars Detroit powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars Economic Mobility powered by Samvid Ventures

Techstars Healthcare sponsored by Cedars-Sinai, Point32Health, UCI Health and UnitedHealthcare

Techstars Impact powered by Cox Enterprises

Techstars Los Angeles powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars New Orleans powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars New York City Accelerator (March)

Techstars New York City Accelerator (November)

Techstars Oakland powered by J.P. Morgan & Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay

Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth Accelerator

Techstars Seattle Accelerator

Techstars Space Accelerator

Techstars Sustainability Paris Accelerator

Techstars Tech Central powered by the NSW Government

Techstars Toronto Accelerator (Global)

Techstars Toronto Accelerator (Local)

Techstars Transformative World Torino

Techstars Web3 Accelerator

The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars & Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

The Riyadh Techstars Accelerator

To learn more about becoming a Techstars mentor, click here.