Introducing the Techstars B2B Services Guide

Jun 14, 2023

Noah King, co-founder and CEO of Popsixle, says working with fellow founders during the Techstars accelerator program was invaluable. 

“Founders have so much to offer one another, and sharing experience and making connections for other founders is one of the best ways to lean into this community,” said King. 

So when it came time to be a part of the inaugural Techstars B2B Services Guide featuring many of those same founders, King didn’t hesitate to submit his company to the guide. 

“Popsixle is software that helps businesses get the best possible return-on-ad Facebook spend and can create so much value for consumer brands who advertise on Facebook,” said King. 

“Joining Techstars was transformative as we received valuable guidance from experienced mentors, refined our strategy, optimized operations, and fine-tuned our product which is why we are focusing in the B2B and AI space now,” said Julia Peter, founder and CEO of, a white-glove full service video shopping solution. 

Matthew Grossman, chief brand and communications officer for Techstars, says Techstars is proud to shine a spotlight on almost 200 companies that power global work through enterprising and category defining products. 

“Our holiday gift guide was a huge success, so we decided to expand it and feature companies that offer tools and products that improve business, operations, HR services, sales and lead generation and more in a similar platform,” said Grossman. 

Indeed. Many portfolio companies have developed products that can benefit their fellow Techstars alum.

“Our affordable and scalable influencer/creator marketing software is a great fit for Techstars’ portfolio of pre-seed and seed-stage consumer brands,” added Shelby Baldwin, co-founder and COO of Buzzbassador, a B2B SaaS platform that leverages unique end-to-end workflow automations to help DTC and Retail brands partner with creators, influencers, and affiliates at scale.

“We know these businesses are game-changers and we want to ratchet up exposure to them and provide recurring value for our founders,” said Grossman.

It’s not surprising to King that Techstars continues to support him, long after he completed the accelerator program.

“It was the perfect balance of building strategic, product management skills, as well as forming both professional relationships and lifelong friends,” said King. 

“Techstars doesn’t stop helping you after the program is complete,” said Peter. “Resources like the Capital Techstars support network, feedback on decks, network access, and advice on raising are all part of Techstars Give First.”

The inaugural Techstars B2B Services Guide is available online and includes companies that provide:

🖥️ Software

💸 Financial services

⚖️ Legal and compliance

👫 Sales and lead generation 

🎨 Marketing and design 

🗺️ Supply chain and logistics 

😁 Human resources and benefits