Second to None

Nov 13, 2023

An invaluable network

From finding the right co-founders to landing initial sales, the Techstars network ensured founders Angel Livas, Nick Myers, and Kamel Greene had access to the right people at the right time. 

Angel Livas, the founder and CEO of the Alive Podcast Network, knows her industry and how to create content but she knew she needed a network of mentors.  

“Working with people who have actual, practical experience founding companies is invaluable,” said Livas, who participated in the first class for Techstars Washington DC Accelerator, powered by J P. Morgan. 

“Having mentorship is key.”

Connections are Second to None

The Alive Podcast Network recently announced a strategic partnership with RIVERSIDE.FM, a leading audio and video recording platform known for its cutting-edge technology, to launch "Riverside Black Creative HUB - Powered by ALIVE Podcast Network." 

If you are someone like Nick Meyers, who wanted to make a deep impact on the planet, getting involved with Techstars was also a no-brainer. He credits the network with jumpstarting his company, Phoenix Tailings, a clean mining and metals production company. Meyers participated in a 2020 Techstars program. 

“Techstars helped us find our first employees, navigate the co-founder situation, find our first sales, all through the network,” said Meyers, the co-founder and CEO of Phoenix Tailings. 

“Our aim is to make government more socially inclusive,” said Kamel Greene, the founder and CEO of Poly Platform, a smart-city civic engagement platform that serves as a one-stop shop for city residents and officials. To do that he knew he had to join an accelerator that had it all: mentors, workshops, benefits, and the brand. Greene said he saw an immediate impact on his business thanks to access to a repository of people who can answer just about any question a founder could dream up. 

“The network is second to none,” said Greene who recently headlined the Demo Day for the prestigious Techstars Washington, DC Accelerator, powered by J.P. Morgan.