Solving big problems

Nov 20, 2023

Software innovations can change the world for the better. And the possibilities are endless. Enter Tim Grace and Techstars Columbus powered by The Ohio State University

“We want founders who have a deep connection to the problem they are solving, and the ambition to attack big markets and a track record of moving fast,” said Grace, managing director of the inaugural program. 

“Some areas of particular interest to us are how we can use software or blended hardware and software solutions to advance healthcare accessibility and efficacy like mainstreaming mental health care and driving IRL connectedness over social media-driven loneliness,” said Grace.

Grace’s wish list of companies doesn’t end there. He’s also looking for founders who can develop better financial security products, and help people affordably reduce carbon footprints.

The new, 13-week program takes place in Columbus, Ohio. Access to OSU’s team including healthcare, deep tech, quantum and energy researchers and state-of-the-art labs to support product development makes this opportunity incredibly powerful. 

“The folks you meet here are committed to becoming your collaborators, advisors, investors and early customers,” added Grace. 

Apply by Nov. 29 and experience why Techstars is better for founders.