Techstars and Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) Event Empowers Blockchain Innovation in the LatAm Community

Jun 14, 2022

At Techstars, we strive to provide entrepreneurs with support and empowerment to change the world. As part of this effort, we partnered with the Stellar Development Foundation to host the Techstars Startup Weekend Blockchain Mexico event from May 20-22, where we invited innovators from Latin America to build new solutions leveraging blockchain technology. 

About the event

Techstars Startup Weekend was a three-day hybrid event that occurred in person at Centraal in Mexico City and virtually. The 139 participants joined from countries spanning LatAm, including Mexico, Argentina, Panamá, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and more, all of whom were interested in developing blockchain-powered projects in their areas. And they weren’t working alone — attendees had the support of on-site mentors who helped guide their ideas from conception to submission.  

The event's focus was to further educate finance professionals, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts in blockchain technology and facilitate the creation of startups working to solve regional problems. The projects developed during the weekend focused on many areas, including payroll payments for international contractors, cross-border business payments, services for inheriting cryptocurrency assets, and more. 

“It’s incredible to see what talented teams can accomplish in 48 hours. The projects were innovative and used the power of Stellar and blockchain technology to solve real-world problems in LatAm and beyond. The event was a springboard to catalyze their ideas, and we’re excited to continue working with the teams to grow their projects!” -Priscilla Ma - Ecosystem Growth Lead, SDF

The winning projects, detailed below, will receive private mentorship hours with experts from Techstars to refine their value proposition and business model. They will also receive guidance on using the technology resources provided by SDF.

Let’s take a look at our exciting winners!

Techstars Startup Weekend Blockchain Mexico Winners:

1st - Fathouse

Fractionalized real estate investing.

2nd - Bloanny

Lending platform between foreign investors and workers.

3rd - Peace

Management of inheritance of cryptocurrency assets.