Techstars Portfolio News - April 2023

May 02, 2023

A roundup of updates from the Techstars portfolio in April 2023.

Codiga (Techstars Boulder 2021), a coding optimization and education platform, is acquired by Datadog.

Kepler Communications (Techstars Seattle 2016), a Canadian-based satellite operator, raises $92M in a Series C funding round.

Orbit Fab (Space 2019), the orbit refueling service provider creating “gas stations in space,” closes out a Series A round with $28.5M raised.

Hydrosat (Space 2019), the geospatial data analytics company, collects $20M in grants and Series A investments.

DeepHow (Techstars Mobility 2018), the “how-to” video platform for AI skills training, closes a $14M Series A investment round

Taylor & Hart (Techstars Boston 2016), the Bulgarian-founded jewelry startup, raises €4M to develop innovative blockchain technology.

NATIX (Smart Mobility 2022), the decentralized network of smart cameras, grabs $3.5M in pre-seed funding.