Techstars Portfolio News - February 2023

Mar 07, 2023

A roundup of updates from the Techstars portfolio in February 2023.

Vitally (Techstars NYC 2017), the customer success platform (CSP) seller, raises a $30M Series A round

Atomos (Techstars Boulder 2019), the orbital transfer vehicle creator, pulls $16M in Series A funding.

Trust & Will (Techstars Anywhere 2018), the estate planning platform, secures $15M in funding after doubling its revenue

Paperstack (Techstars Equitech 20212), an e-commerce lending platform, secures an additional $9M CAD in funding in an oversubscribed funding round.

Planetarians (Techstars Kansas City 2017), a plant-based protein producer, puts together $6M in venture funding.

Intelligems (Techstars Boulder 2021), the platform allowing e-commerce sellers to accurately price their products, raises $4.2M in seed funding

Upwardli (Techstars Boulder 2022), the fintech startup offering credit building products, collects $2M in seed funding.

PeakMetrics (Air Force Accelerator 2021), a machine-learning platform which analyzes emerging online narratives and trends, raises $2M to combat disinformation attacks.