Techstars Portfolio Updates - September 2022

Oct 11, 2022

A roundup of updates from the Techstars portfolio in September 2022.

Alloy (Barclays NYC 2015), a fraud prevention fintech startup, raises $52M and earns a $1.55B valuation.  

Eddy Travels (Techstars Toronto 2019), a Lithuania-based AI travel assistant, is acquired by TripAdd.

Zenchef (Metro 2015), the French restaurant tech firm, secures a $50M equity investment to fuel growth.

Polywork (Techstars London 2014), a social network platform allowing professionals to easily connect and collaborate with each other, secures $28M in Series B funding

Morpheus Space (Techstars Space 2019), a startup developing in-space mobility tech and AI powered routing for satellites, raises $28M in Series A funding to open a new facility in Germany.

GlossGenius (Techstars NYC 2015), a tech platform helping to build fintech products for independent beauty and wellness professionals, collects $25M in financing.

Joonko (Techstars Atlanta 2016), an early-stage AI powered diversity & inclusion coach helping companies source new candidates, announces a $25M Series B

Cledara (Techstars London 2019), a software management platform that gives companies greater control over and insights into their SaaS subscriptions, raises $20M in a Series A round of funding

Stockly (Techstars Paris 2018), a technology startup helping e-retailers to increase sales and reduce stock-outs, raises a $12M Series A round (Techstars Bangalore 2019), a synthetic media production platform, raises $10.6M in a Series A round

Rootine (Techstars NYC 2018), a precision nutrition company looking to optimize health and human performance, secures $10M in Series A funding.

Future (Techstars Boston 2021), a movement to democratize climate smart living, raises $5.3M in seed funding

Prediko (Techstars NYC 2021), an e-commerce inventory planning platform that predicts inventory needs, lands $5M in seed round funding

Employee Cycle (Comcast 2021), the HR tech startup, closes out a $2.5M seed round.

Peer Robotics (Techstars Stanley+ 2021), a collaborative mobile robotics company, raises $2.3M in seed funding

JusticeText (Techstars Social Impact 2021), a software company that stores, catalogs, analyzes and then shares video evidence for criminal matters, closes a $2.2M seed round (Techstars NYC 2021), formerly - a reliability intelligence platform productizing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), rebrands and raises $2.1M in seed round fundraising.