Web3 Needs You

Nov 02, 2023

Web3 needs to build better for web2 users, and Pete Townsend, managing director of Techstars Web3, is looking for founders who can do exactly that. Founders like Lee Gray, co-founder and CEO of SonX who was part of the 2023 class.

“The Techstars experience is truly remarkable if you seek to be challenged, think outside the box, and assess your dedication to an idea,” said Gray. 

If you answer yes and you are building in web3, you should apply. Townsend wants teams of fantastic founders who are also focused on the fundamentals, have deep first-hand experience in the problem they’re solving, and can move quickly to get product into users’ hands. If this is you, apply to this web3 accelerator designed to speed up web3 adoption. 

“We’re a chain-agnostic accelerator for a reason,” said Townsend. “We’ve got to kick down the web3 silos.”

Watch and learn more about who should apply to this hybrid program.

Apply now. The deadline is Nov. 29.

Founders will meet with 50+ web3 mentors and have access to a deep pool of another 200 mentors worldwide, for life. The mostly virtual program will culminate with events in Europe and/or the US designed to achieve the main objective of any Demo Day: founders and investors building relationships. “Builders gotta build” was the rallying cry in 2023, and included founders from 5 countries and 20 cities.