Why go alone?

Nov 09, 2023

The founders of Ari Care joined Techstars so they could have a measurable change in the personal care manufacturing industry. The experience didn’t disappoint. 

“We have been blown away by the strength and quality of the team, mentors and the community of Techstars,” said Merilyn Kesküla, CEO of Ari Care, a company that is reinventing the industrial manufacturing of personal care products with a patentable hardware technology that eliminates water use in production.

“We are just starting to realize how important this step has been on our journey and being part of the worldwide community of Techstars alumni, investors and partners.”

Raphaele Leyendecker, managing director of Techstars Sustainability Paris, wants companies to be impact VC-ready within two months of graduating from the hybrid program based in Paris. Tech and sector agnostic, Leyendecker is looking for founders tackling sustainability issues like water, energy and more.

Watch and learn more about who should apply to this hybrid program.

Apply now. The deadline is Nov. 29. Read more stories about founders who are part of the Techstars Sustainability Paris family.