Janine Davis on Executive Coaching in the Time of COVID

November 2nd, 2020

Executive coach Janine Davis talks about her journey from software developer to recruiter to executive coach, and why executive coaching is important for startups, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. She gives founders tips on how not to get “crispy.”

Janine Davis began in engineering as a software developer. After 20 years in tech recruitment, she is now an executive coach and is a staunch believer in the #GiveFirst concept, providing pro bono coaching for founders in the Techstars LA and Techstars Anywhere accelerator programs. As a board member for the Women Founders Network, she supports female entrepreneurs. She talks about why coaching is important for startups early on.

As Janine explains, “The more you can follow (executive coaching) with leadership development and building your culture intentionally early, the less headaches and clean-up you're going to have to deal with later.”

Janine also discusses the challenges of coaching during COVID and provides tips for startup executives during this time – balance empathy with accountability, have regular “check-ins” and “time outs” to reduce anxiety and internal conflict, and find time for self-care.

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