The Role of Government in a Startup Community

August 23rd, 2021

Governments have so many resources to bring to a startup community but there are challenges for government operators who have the best of intentions but could accidentally create negative outcomes if their engagement strategy is flawed.

More and more today, startup communities are rising to the top of city, state, regional and federal governments’ priority list as they realize that entrepreneurial economic development is a necessary component of their future economy.

With that good news comes the challenge of developing an engagement strategy with entrepreneurs, investors, existing entrepreneurial support organizations, local corporations and colleges.

One thing we know for sure, do not treat the startup community like you would when building a highway, or a new building; activities that the government is good at but do not work for a more complex system like an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Join Brad, Ian and Chris along with Bala Kamallakharan of Iceland and Gonzalo Villaran of Lima, Peru as we discuss the role of government in a startup community.

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