Get to know Acuicy - Techstars Sustainability Paris Accelerator

Mar 22, 2024

Allison Murray, CEO & Co-Founder | Dawne Skinner, CIO & Co-Founder

Acuicy generates tailored low-carbon solutions with the financial ROI and emissions reductions to help businesses cut carbon faster and save costs.

1.   Describe the problem/the industry that you are trying to mediate (and precise the UN SDG-s you are solving).

Today, companies representing one third of the global economy by market cap have set net-zero targets and commitments, and their supply chains make up to 75% or more of their carbon emissions (Scope 3): they don’t have a good way to incentivize their suppliers to cut emissions at source. Most businesses - and their suppliers - still don’t have access to the right data and expertise and, in addition, they think it’s too expensive to reduce carbon emissions. 

Acuicy is the first fully automated software to generate tailored low-carbon solutions for each business with clear financial ROI and emissions reductions for a wide range of options. We do this using deep data and AI and we generate a dashboard so our customers can track progress towards their net-zero goals in real time.

Acuicy can help thousands of businesses reduce carbon emissions at source and have a measurable impact towards SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

2.   How did the idea to create the company come to mind? How did your team come to be?

Acuicy’s co-founders have dedicated their careers for over 20 years to working with companies globally to address climate change and build sustainability into their business strategy. Allison and Dawne met six years ago when they were consultants advising companies on decarbonization and circular economy strategies.  Knowing the size of the climate crisis and the huge number of companies that struggle to get started reducing emissions, Allison and Dawne saw that calculating carbon emissions was not enough. They saw the need to massively scale affordable access to the right data and insights to help companies make decisions to cut carbon faster and save costs. 

3.   Why did you choose to participate in the Paris Techstars accelerator program? What are you looking forward to the most?

Scaling impact on climate change drives our team and we saw Techstars Sustainability Paris as the perfect program to help us build Acuicy as we move towards commercialization.  

4.   What are you the most proud of in your initial journey with your company?

The incredible ingenuity and expertise of our team to get our software ready for our first pilot with the agri-food sector that launched in March and figuring out how to integrate Nature Based Solutions into the low-carbon results that we generate for our customers.

5.   How do you plan to measure the positive impact of your company in the next 5 years? Environmentally focused question.

In five years, as Acuicy scales in our target markets in North America and Europe, Acuicy can enable the reduction of 0.83 Gigatonnes of GHG emissions.

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