Unlocking a $130B Industry: The Future of Travel and Personalization With Legends

Apr 08, 2024

In an industry-driven world, the quest for personalization and privacy takes center stage as brands strive to understand and engage with their consumers on a deeper level. Stephanie Daniel and Shayna Schawarski, co-founders of Legends, share with Techstars how their groundbreaking B2B SaaS platform is not just innovating but revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Legends is navigating the complex landscape of consumer data with a singular mission: to unlock a $130 billion opportunity by marrying personalization with privacy.

The Genesis of Legends

The journey of Legends began with two close friends sharing a glass of wine and embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure that stems from a shared passion for travel and an innate understanding of the power of data. The name "Legends" itself, sparked by a serendipitous glance at an old map, encapsulates the essence of their mission — to be the legend on the map of consumer preferences, guiding brands through the intricacies of personal engagement.

Zero-Party Data: The Future of Brand Engagement

At the heart of Legends' innovation is the concept of zero-party data — a term coined to describe data that a consumer intentionally shares with a brand, expecting nothing less than utmost personalization in return. This paradigm shift toward zero-party data is not just a trend but a necessity in an era where privacy concerns dominate consumer behavior. 

Legends leverages this shift, employing technology to transform everyday digital footprints, like the billions of photos taken daily, into comprehensive consumer preference profiles. This rich, first-hand data enables brands to tailor their offerings to meet the precise needs and desires of their consumers, paving the way for enhanced personalization and, ultimately, loyalty.

The Journey So Far and the Road Ahead

From embracing the challenges of startup life to celebrating the milestones of securing their first customer and laying the groundwork for transformative partnerships in the hospitality industry, the co-founders' journey is a testament to their resilience, dedication, and vision.

As they look ahead, Daniel and Schawarski envision Legends not only as a tool for the hospitality sector but as a scalable solution viable across multiple industries. Their approach, grounded in the belief of empowering consumers to control their data footprint, aims to redefine the marketing landscape, making personalized experiences the gold standard.

The Techstars Accelerator Experience

The co-founders' experience with Techstars serves as a pivotal chapter in their journey. The accelerator program not only provided them with a framework to refine their product and business model but also infused their journey with invaluable mentorships, a supportive community, and an expanded network of like-minded entrepreneurs. This experience, as highlighted by Daniel and Schawarski, was instrumental in elevating Legends from a concept to a formidable player in the data personalization space.

Final Thoughts

The conversation with Daniel and Schawarski not only illuminates the path Legends is carving in the industry but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their story is a reminder that the foundation of a successful venture lies in a clear vision, passion, and an unyielding commitment to solving real-world problems. As Legends continues to chart its course, its impact on the hospitality industry and beyond holds the promise of a future where personalization and privacy converge, creating value for consumers and brands alike.