10 Fintech startups graduating from Techstars + ABN AMRO Future of Finance Accelerator 2022 at Demo Day

Jan 31, 2023

On September 12th, the 27 unstoppable founders that would make up the '22 cohort of the ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator, walked into the Amsterdam office space they would call home for the 3 months to come. These founders, with 15 different nationalities, represented 10 fintech companies from 8  European countries.

They all walked in with the dream to build large, successful companies by tackling a major global challenge. The challenges they're going after couldn't be more diverse or important: student financing, SME funding, mortgages for the unconventional, solving the ESG data mess, startup funding, freelancer admin/ accounting, customer loyalty, DeFi infrastructure and carbon/ cost reduction for fintech cloud usage. 

It has proven to be quite a special cohort. Over 3 months with more then 800 mentor meetings, tens of masterclasses and workshops, hundreds of investor conversations and many very long days building, building, and building, all the founders came out with truly transformed companies, and all came out closer to realizing their dreams to change the world. Below you can enjoy their final company presentations. I hope you'll agree this is a cohort of companies and unstoppable founders that we will hear much more of in the years to come.

You can watch the full Demo Day here:

Link to full video ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Demo Day

The 10 companies that participated in the Future of Finance Accelerator 2022

31Third Protocol (Austria / The Netherlands) 

31Third is a blockchain-based asset management infrastructure, powering the institutional adoption of DeFi.


BeyondEquity (UK) 

Beyond Equity has invented a new financial instrument to revolutionize startup funding.


SteadyBricks (Ireland) 

Steadybricks is a cloud cost, and cloud-carbon-footprint reduction tool for fintechs and financial services.


Corgee (Spain) 

Corgee is a money management app for independent workers and their accountants.


EthicsGrade (UK) 

EthicsGrade is a SaaS platform for rating your supplier's ESG risks. We focus on ESG risks of digitalization such as cybersecurity, data protection, and AI ethics


Flowpay (Czech Republic / The Netherlands) 

Flowpay provides Data-driven Financial Services for SMEs embedded within the platforms they use everyday.


Lendorse (Germany)

Lendorse financially enables talented students from developing and emerging countries to pursue degrees and careers in Europe.


Porthos & Co (UK)

Porthos is a fintech mortgage and loan platform for the unconventional borrower.


THX Network (The Netherlands) 

THX Network is the future of loyalty, using tokens they boost engagement and create new revenue streams.


Valueco (France) 

Valueco is here to solve the ESG mess and bring more objectivity and engagement in the space