Accelerating Future Stars in the Heart of Startup Nation

Mar 27, 2022

By Hilla Ovil-Brenner, Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv

Coming off a phenomenal year in Israeli tech, I am excited to announce our first cohort of 2022! The Israeli ecosystem has been off the charts, having set unprecedented funding records last year with nearly 41 new Israeli unicorns, leading to a total of 79 Israeli unicorns, a figure that tops even Europe. Already in 2022, this energy is continuing with more rounds and deals, and we are thrilled to be bringing more attention to Israeli innovation through the Techstars network.

The 12 early-stage companies that will be joining the Techstars Tel Aviv family are set to revolutionize and disrupt their industries. A driving vision for this class was to select companies that will help improve business processes and better our well-being. As managing director at Techstars Tel Aviv, I consistently work to source innovative tech ventures, especially those led by female CEOs and other minority communities. I believe in full representation throughout the tech ecosystem and combining world-class resources to inspire the next generation of Israeli tech disruptors. 

With that in mind, companies range the gamut in their technological solutions.  From an early-childhood education platform in Arabic, to a unique testing environment for software developers, to a social impact as a service eCommerce solution, we are incredibly excited to work with the 12 companies who will be joining us as part of 2022’s inaugural Techstars Tel Aviv class. With a diverse group of international founders, we are pleased to help showcase Tel Aviv as the international startup hub it truly is. Thank you to our sponsors, partners, mentors, and Techstars alumni who help make Techstars Tel Aviv a success.

 Please join me in welcoming the Techstars Tel Aviv First Class of 2022!


A venture developing a fully remote, cell phone-based polygraph test that will replace the invasive, expensive, long, and cumbersome test available today.


A solution that transitions procurement for suppliers and buyers and transforms manual or partially digitized work methods into a fully digitized process.

Pledger Giving App 

Social impact as a service for eCommerce stores that makes it easy for every store to team up with amazing causes and grow through charitable giving.

Overcoming the generic sales cycle with a machine learning based sales analysis tool that uses behavioral signal processing to characterize buyer persona.


A psychology-based, AI platform that serves as a 'virtual sport psychologist' for personal trainers and their clients.


A unique testing environment for software developers and testers that facilitates easier mapping and automatic generation of test cases for better coverage of a given system’s functional elements.

Beez Tech 

Quiz Beez is an ‘edutainment’ platform that helps users increase their cognitive abilities and boost intelligence through fun games.

Dodo Smart 

Dodo Smart works with educators, psychiatrists, therapists, and linguistic professionals to create a playful learning experience for preschool children in Arabic.


Luzverde and its “credit sales as a service” model enable merchants to qualify their clients better at the point of sale and give an instant response. 


A platform to provide ongoing remote support for bariatric care and other long-term conditions, leading to greater patient adherence to treatment protocol and a significant increase in positive clinical results. 


A platform that provides eCommerce store optimization utilizing AI, seamlessly providing product-level actionable insights, no-code automation, and market intelligence.

Price backers 

A platform that helps generate extra profit for e-commerce merchants using automated, scalable cashback technological solutions.

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