Delivering beer to your doorsteps will not be enough: Announcing the Berlin Techstars Class of Fall 2022

Sep 15, 2022

By Martin Schilling, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin

Delivering beer to your doorsteps will not solve the big questions of our time. Renewable energy communities, carbon credit markets, AI solutions for vertical indoor farming and self-sovereign-identity management platforms might.

To this end, Techstars Berlin is partnering with the next generation of early-stage founders of Europe in the areas of Climate Tech, Deep Tech, and FinTech/Digital Assets. The startup class that we announce today has one thing in common: relentless perseverance united with a personal passion to make the world a better place.

We are incredibly excited to partner again with these courageous pioneers of our time.

The Berlin Techstars team assessed ~7000 startups and led ~600 calls with founders. Together with our partners Lakestar, Project A, Redalpine, Cherry Ventures, Angel Invest, embedded/capital, Digital+ Partners, WLOUNGE, and many of our superstar mentors, we have selected a class of 35 rockstar founders from 13 startups.

Here they are:


Enco is building the leading platform in Europe to join, create, and manage RenewableEnergy communities. Fenyx is an aggregator for secondhand marketplaces and services for your personal belongings.

Riverse enables efficient and transparent carboncredit markets in Europe.


Hexafarms is building the leading AI-based SaaS solution for vertical indoor farms aiding them to become a viable and competitive alternative to traditional agriculture.

Resonance is a healthtech company that helps people manage their stress resiliency using breathing exercises and heart rate data analysis.

Telekinesis provides a nocode robot programming software based on hand gesture tracking that enables any user to program industrial robots in just a few minutes.

Voids is building the leading B2B SaaS platform to support D2C e-commerce brands to boost revenue and profitability with a scalable AI demand forecasting and management solution.

Inkdrop is an AI company that enables automated product descriptions for ecommerce resellers at scale.

FinTech / Digital Assets

Carwyze is a SaaS provider for car sellers (dealers, OEMs & marketplaces) that allows them to offer online financing and insurance for their deals with new and used cars.

DLT Payments is a web3 business payments processing for digitalassets, stablecoins, and CBDCs.

Muffin is changing how insurances are sold for good - ultra-convenient, radically transparent & fully digital.

Trudenty is a self-sovereign-identity company providing infrastructure for digital identity for banking, fintech, and Web3.

Wonderbox Labs is a nocode platform that allows businesses and creators to easily launch and manage DigitalAssets.