Meet the Techstars Anywhere 2024 Class: These Founders Continue to Prove ‘Great Ideas Are Found Anywhere’

Mar 11, 2024

Back in 2017, Techstars announced the launch of their first remote accelerator - Techstars Anywhere. The program’s goal put into action Techstars’ long held belief that good startup ideas can come from “every where” AND anywhere. It was also a way to continue its mission of helping founders succeed.  

Today, Techstars Anywhere, now in its 8th year, is proud to announce its ninth class of startups. The 2024 class is made up of 12 startups from a variety of locations, backgrounds, markets, verticals and business models. 

Some of the companies are helmed by solo founders, some have teams. Some of the founders have prior exits, some are embarking on their startup journey for the first time, but all of them are ready to engage fully in the program and make the most of their Techstars Anywhere experience.

Techstars Anywhere has always been and will continue to be one the most sought after Techstars programs for founders of all types, from anywhere. 

So without further ado, it is with pride and excitement that we introduce you to the Techstars Anywhere 2024 class:

Agri-Trak | Rochester, New York

Agri-Trak is a software platform that manages farm labor and tracks productivity and harvest data.

Epicurate | Sonoma, California

Epicurate makes it easy to recommend and book the world's finest luxury services and experiences.

Faible | Las Vegas, Nevada

Faible is an AI app providing an entirely new way to experience your favorite stories by allowing users to transform any story into a personalized adventure. 

Fire Memos | Los Angeles, California

Fire Memos is an AI-powered coaching app that makes it simple to regularly record and recognize your work accomplishments.

INSPIRR | New York, New York

INSPIRR is a platform for investing in the future earnings, ventures and success of ambitious individuals.  

Lucky Juicebox | San Francisco, California

Lucky Juicebox creates games and tools for XR Headsets that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Naria AI | San Mateo, California

Naria AI unlocks the magic of storytelling by allowing users to create, share, and print their own AI-powered illustrated children's books.

Namara Water Technologies | San Diego, California

Namara’s water control system allows homeowners to save money on each water bill without changing their habits, eliminate risk of damages and loss from undetected water issues, and easily control and customize pressure.

OtterSpace | Seattle, Washington

OtterSpace is a sleep hygiene startup providing an incredible sleep experience anywhere. Their flagship product, customizable and portable magnetic blackout curtains, block 100% of light leaks, fit any window size, and can be installed without tools.

RedVest App | Los Angeles, California

Redvest is an investing learning app that allows users to also compete and engage in investment-learning games on their journey to financial freedom.

Sholder | Boulder, Colorado

Sholder, short for Spaceholder™, provides mental and emotional support from qualified non-clinical providers.

Space Redi | Merced, California

Space Redi’s technology helps businesses understand, predict, and manage the operational planning and real-time risk detection associated with human spaceflight and other complex operations.

As you can see, this varied group of founders and startups embody all that is true about Techstars: Big ideas, amazing vision, addressing big problems with an even bigger vision for how to solve those problems. 

We, at Techstars Anywhere, stand ready to support and feel honored that we have the opportunity to walk alongside these founders on this journey. We know you will be hearing more from these founders in the future and we are just extraordinarily excited to get to introduce all of them to the world.

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About the Author
Trey Bowles

Managing Director, Techstars Anywhere