Techstars Appoints Founder and Accelerator Alum Shanel Fields to Board of Directors

Aug 25, 2020

Boulder, Colo. - Techstars, the global platform for investment and innovation, today named Shanel Fields, Founder and CEO of MD Ally, a Techstars Seattle Accelerator 2020 alum, to its board of directors. 

Fields fills an important role on the board, representing the founder’s voice and understanding first-hand the journey founders take through the Techstars global network. 

“As we undertook our search for a new board member, it was very important to us to fill what we saw as a gap by bringing a founder onto the board,” said David Brown, cofounder and CEO of Techstars. “Being founder-first means having our founders’ voices represented at every level of our company and network. We couldn’t have a better representative in Shanel. We began a mentorship relationship during her participation in the Techstars Seattle Accelerator program and she endlessly impressed me with her drive, vision, and ability to give smart counsel just as well as to receive it. It was clear early on in our search that Shanel could bring a great deal of value in many respects to Techstars. We are thrilled to have her on board.

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Fields joins other board members David Brown, David Cohen, Brad Feld, Stephanie Copeland, John China, and Jason Mendelson.

“I look forward to working with the leadership team, employees, and founders to support initiatives that deepen the effectiveness of the network, improve the diversification of our investments, and provide entrepreneurs with more actionable data and insights to optimize the performance of our accelerator programs,” said Fields.

Fields is the Founder and CEO of MD Ally — a  public safety telehealth company that enables virtual patient care for emergency dispatching and response systems. Prior to getting her MBA from Wharton Business School and launching MD Ally, Shanel led enterprise sales and marketing teams focused on National Health Systems, payers, and independent healthcare entities. Now, as a public safety thought leader, she's raised over $1M in funding and been featured on the front page of The New York Times Business section as well as interviewed on Good Morning America. At MD Ally, she continues to break barriers for driving innovation in public safety, championing collaborative healthcare partnerships, and enabling greater connectivity between 911 and the digital healthcare ecosystem. Shanel Fields is the newest member to join the Techstars board of directors.

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