Techstars Chicago Powered by J.P. Morgan: Investment Thesis 2023

Apr 25, 2023

By Tricia Martinez, Managing Director of Techstars Chicago Powered by J.P. Morgan, Techstars Industries of the Future and Techstars Payments Accelerators

I am incredibly excited to announce the opening of applications for Techstars Chicago powered by J.P. Morgan. Applications are open from March 13th, 2023 through June 7th, 2023, and our hybrid program will run from September 11th, 2023 through December 7th, 2023. We are looking for bold founders utilizing Data and Artificial Intelligence to address global problems, scale businesses, and design new business models.

Big Data & AI

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies enable computers or machines to exhibit human-like intelligence including problem solving and adapting. From machine learning to deep learning, AI has immense potential to disrupt present and future industries and take our society to new places given its ability to learn and calculate at incredible speed. Using AI to monitor carbon emissions, improve manufacturing processes, advance cybersecurity, and help you manage your finances are just a few of the possibilities that excite us!

Areas of interest:

  • Sensors

  • Predictive analytics

  • Natural language processing

  • Computer vision

  • Machine learning

  • Robotics process automation

  • Autonomous vehicles

  • Neuromorphic computing

  • Infrastructure management and security

  • Big Data

  • Fintech

  • Decision making and behavior prediction

  • Advanced manufacturing