Techstars Chicago Powered by JP Morgan: Investment Thesis 2024

Mar 04, 2024

By: Tricia Martinez, Managing Director of Techstars Payments and Techstars Chicago Powered by J.P. Morgan

We are thrilled to announce that applications for Techstars Chicago, powered by J.P. Morgan, are now open from March 4th, 2023, through May 22nd, 2024. Our hybrid program is scheduled to run from September 9th, 2024, through December 5th, 2023. We are on the lookout for audacious founders who are pioneering disruptive emerging technologies, particularly in the realms of Artificial Intelligence and Deeptech.

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In an era of unprecedented global challenges, from climate change to food security, connectivity to data privacy, it is imperative that we harness the power of innovation to address these pressing issues. As the Managing Director of Techstars Chicago powered by J.P. Morgan, I am committed to identifying, supporting, and nurturing breakthrough technologies that have the potential to transform our world.

The forthcoming 2024 Techstars Chicago JPM program will be dedicated to six key industries poised to tackle the most urgent challenges of our time: artificial intelligence, cleantech, quantum information science, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, and 5G/advanced wireless technology.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI technologies have the capacity to revolutionize industries by emulating human-like intelligence, enabling solutions ranging from predictive analytics to autonomous vehicles. The potential applications of AI in monitoring carbon emissions, managing natural resources, and enhancing infrastructure security are particularly exciting.


Addressing climate change demands innovative technologies that promote energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and sustainable resource management. Our focus includes autonomous grid management, renewable energy technologies, and carbon capture and storage solutions.

Quantum Information Science:

Quantum technology holds the promise of revolutionizing computing, healthcare imaging, secure communications, and more. Our interest lies in supporting breakthrough concepts in secure communications, quantum machine learning, and healthcare applications.

Advanced Manufacturing:

We seek to support technologies that redefine traditional manufacturing processes, emphasizing efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. Areas of interest include augmented reality, robotics, and additive manufacturing equipment.


Biotechnological advancements offer solutions to challenges in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and healthcare. Our interest spans synthetic biology, life sciences, and digital health therapeutics.

5G/Advanced Wireless Technology:

The advent of 5G technology promises enhanced speed, efficiency, and connectivity, paving the way for smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and industrial IoT. Our focus areas include IoT, smart cities, and vehicle communications.

The potential for these technologies is limitless, shaping the future of industries and societies worldwide. We are committed to providing unwavering support, nurturing environments, and enthusiastic advocacy to the companies driving these transformative solutions forward.