Announcing Techstars Chicago Powered by JP Morgan Spring 2023 Class!

Mar 13, 2023

By Neal Sáles-Griffin, Managing Director of Techstars Chicago Powered by JP Morgan

The team here at Techstars Chicago powered by J.P. Morgan is excited to announce our next class of companies. The focus of this year’s program is helping companies strengthen their customer acquisition strategy. These founders endured an intensive application and due diligence process to demonstrate their passion and mastery of understanding their customers. Now it’s our job to help them find them all.

The companies themselves have more consumer-facing offerings than many prior Techstars Chicago classes. There’s a good chance at least a few of these businesses are building a solution to a problem you’ve experienced in your own life. An emerging theme among them is one of “care”: care for yourself, for your loved ones, your home, your finances, and taking care in other important aspects of your life. As we enter life after the global pandemic, care is now more important than ever.

During the program, we will continue our intensive training on financial modeling, customer discovery & acquisition, and data-driven sales. And you’ll get a chance to see the outcome of our collective effort on June 8th at our demo day in Chicago. You can be the first to know when registration for demo day opens by clicking here.

Please show our next class of companies some Chicago love! Bring your life together in one AI driven life optimization experience

Apricotton: Bras that grow as she grows

Basil: One-click legal documents for contractors, builders, and tradespeople

The CryptoMom App: Crypto investment and gifting platform for women

Early Intervention Systems: Software focused on aging and memory care well-being

Flat: Oil Change, but for your House

LifeWeb 360: Helping communities celebrate a loved one who has died by sharing memories—and make meaning in their own lives in the process

Memby: App to keep the memories and lose the clutter

PainNavigator: Lifestyle-based coaching, education, and movement platform for chronic pain 

Somnea Health: Intelligent care platform for sleep treatment success Your Ransomware Readiness Solution

VacayHQ: Your ticket to free travel!  

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About the Author
Neal Sáles-Griffin

Neal Sáles-Griffin has been the Managing Director of the Techstars Chicago Accelerator since 2019. Before Techstars, he made his name in the startup ecosystem when he founded the nation’s first coding bootcamp, Code Academy, in 2011. Since his exit, Neal has not stopped promoting change - running for mayor of Chicago, assisting several non-profit foundations, and now putting his efforts toward finding, teaching, and supporting the next generation of impactful entrepreneurs.