Techstars Industries of the Future Announces Class of 2023

Apr 03, 2023

By Tricia Martinez, Managing Director of the Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator

We are so excited to announce the 10 startups selected for the second class of the Techstars Industries of the Future Program. This accelerator is run in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Tennessee Valley Authority and the University of Tennessee System. Based in the Oak Ridge-Knoxville, Tennessee, metropolitan area, these promising, early-stage companies are focused on emerging technologies across industries including artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, climate tech, future of work, mobility and clean energy technology.

“Now more than ever we need novel innovative technologies that have the potential to solve our most pressing problems,” said Managing Director, Tricia Martinez. “Governments and enterprises are looking for deeptech that can battle extreme weather events, design new batteries, capture novel energy resources, and more. Our 10 portfolio companies for Techstars Industries of the Future are pushing the boundaries on what is possible with emerging technologies.” 

The 10 companies selected for the 2023 class of Techstars Industries of the Future are:

Allosense is making advanced sensors and measurement systems - specializing in electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing, test automation, and logistics.

Crow Industries is building a fully autonomous robotic labor force that will allow critical mineral producers to exceed production targets while keeping their people safe.

Eolic Wall is providing homes, communities and businesses with cheap and highly efficient on-site wind energy to reach net-zero.

Ex Lattice  is providing software for additive manufacturing users that have time-consuming build preparation and setup challenges that can generate real-time physics-based analytics and simulation-driven setup solutions that make precision and speed a reality.

HyperTunnel is enabling real-time (synchronous) and time-delayed (asynchronous) collaboration between frontline workers and domain experts – from remote physical worksites to centralized immersive digital twins through a mixed reality software platform.

Laminar Scientific is tapping into the ocean to capture the steadiest renewable energy source. Our revolutionary wave energy device brings ocean energy to even the smallest of operators, with simple surface level installation, low-cost design and replaceable components.

Raev is the new transportation option for individuals traveling less than 5-miles through their city. RAEV is a fleet of shared, small, electric vehicles available for use on a pay-per-drive basis.  

Team Wildfire is using revolutionary technology and tactics for fighting wildfires.

Undesert is producing electrical power, deionized water, and dry salt with no liquid waste - Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Wing Driver is supporting driver safety by avoiding accidents with next-level computer vision and AI designed for mobile-OS.