Here are the twelve AI startups accepted into Techstars Montréal AI 2021

Sep 13, 2021

By Bruno Morency, Managing Director of Techstars Montréal AI

From a large pool of applicants that included very impressive entrepreneurs from around the world, 12 companies have been selected into the 4th edition of Techstars Montréal AI. Our selection focuses on three core themes:

  • Core AI: AI is at the core of the product,

  • Democratization of AI: The product allows non-experts to use & apply AI

  • AI Infrastructure / MLOps: A product that addresses some of the unique challenges faced when running AI systems

The startups selected this year are following in the footsteps of our 30 alumni blossoming into solid businesses generating growing revenue and hiring aggressively. In the last year alone, eight of them closed funding rounds of at least $1M and six more attracted investors in pre-seed rounds between $400k and $1M. We also saw a first exit with Algolia acquiring MorphL to launch AI-powered Predictive Experiences and Personalization.

Techstars is a mentorship-driven accelerator. This means mentors are at the core of what makes it such a transformative experience for startups going through it. Over the coming weeks, 90+ mentors will meet the startups, challenge and dissect their business, share helpful insight for the road ahead, and make key introductions to relevant contacts in their network.

As Techstars aims to be the world’s largest investor in early-stage businesses, we recognize there would be no businesses to invest in if it wasn’t for the people who take the leap into entrepreneurship. To foster entrepreneurs that grow into successful and empathetic leaders, we’re renewing our partnership with Tilt to weave a comprehensive Conscious Leadership training and coaching into our program.

Below are short descriptions of the companies part of Techstars Montréal AI 2021. To discover more about these twelve companies, we’re inviting you to follow our Twitter account and LinkedIn page. For additional questions or requests, reach out to Justine Marchand, Sr. Program Manager at

Atlas AI

London, UK -

Motion analysis API for online workout platforms, powered by computer vision. We transform raw videos into actionable data such as exercise performed, number of repetitions and quality of form.

Biotech Square

Toronto, Canada -

Making new medicine approvals more predictable. Biotech Square is using AI to bring the regulatory perspective to every drug development program and help assess approvability in real time.

Etiq AI

London, UK -

A software platform which allows data scientists to develop fair, unbiased, machine learning algorithms. Etiq helps deliver effectiveness and compliance by providing a suite of tools to identify, explain and repair models during their initial development and subsequent training.


Montréal/Toronto, Canada -

Behavioural Biometric Analysis based Continuous Authentication without Complication.


Montréal, Canada -

Maket is an AI-powered marketplace that lets you shop, buy, and start building your dream home in minutes, online. Maket makes home building simplified.


Copenhagen, Denmark -

Marionette is an AI-driven motion capture and editing software that utilizes webcams and VR.


Montréal, Canada -

mia is a no-code tool for rapidly deploying and prototyping machine learning models.


Strasbourg, France -

Nabu is an AI-native document management platform for global trade.


Distrito Federal, Mexico -

State of the art open source forecasting software for developers and data scientists.


Toronto, Canada -

Periculum is a top provider of data analytics and credit assessment services specifically targeted to underserved markets.


Mountain View - California, US -

AI Powered • No-Code • Smart Test Automation. Shaztra empowers software teams to easily build test automation using English.


Cologne, Germany -

Transforming cannabis plant growth via AI-powered spectral sensors.

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