Our business has grown, and we have learned along the way: Updates to the Techstars Code of Conduct

Oct 07, 2021

At Techstars, we pride ourselves on remaining steadfast and committed to lawful business practices. When we face difficult decisions in the workplace, we give first, act with integrity, and treat others with respect our highest priority. We also expect our accelerators, business partners, investors, and vendors to think and act in the same way. 

Techstars launched its Code of Conduct in March 2015. Since then, our organization has grown significantly and we have learned along the way how to address the complex issues facing global business. In 2019, we made important updates to our Code of Conduct to reflect the changing landscape of diversity and inclusion. Now, with our involvement as a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), it is time once again to update Techstars’ Code of Conduct.  

Each of the three main sections of the document—Give First, Act with Integrity, and Treat Others with Respect—have been amended to reflect our renewed commitment toward:

  • Building a safe, sustainable, long-lasting, and prosperous society through our business activities

  • Operating with a high degree of corporate responsibility and ethics

  • Prioritizing human rights and the safety of the environment 

We treat our Code of Conduct as a living document and take it very seriously as an organization. If you have any questions or witnessed a violation, please contact saysomething@techstars.com. 

Maëlle Gavet, CEO, Techstars

Stacy Carter, Chief Legal Officer, Techstars