Techstars Portfolio Updates - October 2022

Nov 08, 2022

A roundup of updates from the Techstars portfolio in October 2022.

Revelio Labs (Barclays NYC 2019), a startup developing analytics for HR platforms, raises a $15M Series A funding round.

Cinchy (Techstars Toronto 2019), the startup providing data management services for enterprise customers, collects $14.5M to close out a Series B funding round.

Raise Green (ABN AMRO 2021), an ESG trading platform, raises $1.2M in a seed funding round.

Allstacks (Techstars Austin 2018), a SaaS startup looking to expand its productivity tools, raises $12M in funding.

Orbit Fab (Techstars Space 2019), the startup providing solutions for in-space refueling of satellites, adds another $10M in funding.

Solestial (Techstars Space 2019), the solar energy company for space, collects $10M in an oversubscribed seed round.

Story Fit (Techstars Austin 2016), the AI technology startup providing insights for the entertainment industry, closes a $5.5M Series A funding round.

Arch (Barclays NYC 2021), a DeFi startup offering real estate mortgage services, raises $5M in seed funding.

SmallSmall (Techstars Toronto 2021), the Lagos-based startup offering solutions for renters and landlords, gathers $2M in seed funding

Glamera (Riyadh 202), the Egypt-based B2B beauty and lifestyle provider, puts together a seed round of $1.3M.