Techstars Portfolio Updates - April 2022

May 10, 2022

A roundup of funding updates from the Techstars portfolio in April 2022.

Funding Announcements

Tive (Techstars Boston 2017), a sensor driven supply chain insight operation, brings in $54M in funding.

Smarthop (Techstars NYC 2019), the AI trucking platform helping to make truck routes more efficient across state borders, raises $30M in series B financing round.

Zeno Power (Techstars Space 2019), the startup looking to scale production of small-scale nuclear batteries used in spacecrafts and undersea tech, raises a $20M series A funding round.

Endel (Techstars Music 2018), the Berlin-based sound wellness company, tallies $15M in series B funding

Arena (Techstars Chicago 2016), the communication platform providing businesses with an intuitive chat interface to help create meaningful customer connections, raises $13.6M in series A funding.

DFNS (ABN AMRO Techstars 2021), the crypto wallet startup looking to build out password protection, raises $13.5M in seed funding.

Vested (Western Union 2020), the investment platform allowing users in India to invest in the U.S. stock market, raises $12M in series A funding

8base (Techstars Austin 2020), the low-code runtime JavaScript platform that helps developers build full-stack web applications, raises 10.6M in funding

Aunt Flow (Techstars NYC 2018), a b2b period products business, collects $8.5M to help companies like Google, Apple, and Netflix return to the office

Flexia (Techstars Sports 2021), a connected fitness company, collects $4M in seed funding.

Clara (Techstars Dubai 2019), a legal OS that digitizes and automates startup legal expertise, raises €3.22M in seed funding.

Circa (The Roux Institute 2021), a startup looking to reinvent rent communications, raises $2M to fund growth

The Folklore (Techstars Seattle 2021), a b2b platform linking luxury fashion brands with bulk retailers in North Africa, gathers $1.7M in funding.

EQUO (Techstars Toronto 2021), the Vietnam-based sustainability startup, raises $1.3M in seed funding.