Techstars Portfolio Updates - August 2022

Sep 06, 2022

A roundup of funding and acquisition updates from the Techstars portfolio in August 2022.

Bevi (Techstars Boston 2014), the market leader in smart-water coolers, announces a $70M Series D investment from a sustainable investments platform.

Solid (Techstars NYC 2019), a startup helping companies launch their own fintech products, collects $63M in Series B funding.

Gatsby (Barclays 2018), an options trading app, is acquired for $50M by eToro.

Gorgias (Techstars NYC 2015), a startup developing customer service tools for e-commerce companies, raises $30M in Series C capital putting their valuation around $710M.

Motivo (Techstars Atlanta 2018), the telehealth startup providing virtual clinic supervision, raises $14M in a Series A funding round.

Naborforce (Techstars Longevity 2020), the eldertech company connecting older adults to a trusted network of “Nabors” for on-demand support and social engagement, closes out a $9M Series A financing round

Sequel (Comcast 2020), the virtual events startup, raises $8M from “Masterclass” investors.

SparkCharge (Techstars Boston 2018), the on-demand EV charging system and network, announces an increased Series A investment of $7M to bring the round total to $30M.

Velocia (Techstars Toronto 2019), a Toronto-based SaaS provider for a mobility rewards platform, raises $2.5M in growth capital.

Qeepsake (Techstars Anywhere 2017), a journaling app that helps families capture and store memories, puts together $2M in seed funding

She Matters (Techstars Seattle 2021), a digital health platform designed to support black women experiencing postpartum health issues, announces a $1.5M pre-seed investment

Roleshare (Techstars Workforce Development 2021), a unique job-sharing marketplace and management platform, secures $1.2M in seed funding

Perform (Techstars Sports 2022), a startup that helps runners reach their goals with a personal running coach and smart training app, raises $1.2M in pre-seed funding.

Upkid (Techstars Atlanta 2021), the on-demand marketplace for childcare centers and teachers, collects $1.2M in pre-seed funding