Techstars Portfolio Updates - December 2021

Jan 06, 2022

A roundup of funding and acquisition news from the Techstars portfolio in December 2021.


Growth Collective (Techstars Atlanta Accelerator 2020) The exclusive hiring platform for prestigious freelance marketers, was acquired by Legion.

2nd Kitchen (Techstars Chicago Accelerator 2018) The Chicago-based startup offering kitchenless venues the option to offer food to their customers, was acquired by Reef.

Trezeo (Barclays London Accelerator 2019) The freelance financial services provider based in London, was acquired by Monese.

Funding Announcements

Salesloft (Techstars Boulder Accelerator 2012) earns a $2.3B valuation after being backed by Vista Equity Partners. 

Veho (Techstars Boulder Accelerator 2019), the next-day package delivery Unicorn, brings in $125M series A.

Mavrck (Techstars Boston Accelerator 2014), the industry leading influencer marketing platform, looks to scale after landing $120M in funding.

Gtmhub ( Accelerator 2017) OKR software market soars as Gtmhub closes $120M in series C.

Tasso (Cedars Sinai Accelerator 2017), developer of at-home blood draw kits, raises $100M while disrupting the medtech industry.

Hydro Wind Energy (Techstars Hub71 2020), an energy and desalination startup, secures over $55M in funding.

SPG (Barclays London Accelerator 2017), the UK-based fintech startup, raises $34M series A to fuel growth and security in the ecommerce and marketplace industry.

MAX (Techstars NYC Accelerator 2015), the Nigerian mobility-tech startup, brings in $31M series B to prepare for expansion across Africa.

Greeneye Technology (Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator 2018) raises $22M for its AI precision spraying system aimed to revolutionize weed and pest control in agriculture.

Hawthorne (Techstars NYC Accelerator 2017), a luxury men's grooming brand, lands $12M series B.

Voyager Portal (Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator 2018), a software aiming to significantly reduce cost, risk, and complexity when transporting bulk materials around the world, lands approximately $10M in series A funding.

StormSensor (Techstars Sustainability Accelerator 2018), the Seattle based rain tech startup, raises $10M in funding to provide communities with tools to manage water problems and prevent flooding.

CometChat (Techstars Boulder Accelerator 2019), a fully integrated communications platform for enterprises, secures over $10M in series A funding.

Valence Discovery (Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator 2018), an AI-first drug design and discovery startup, finishes with $8.5M in seed funding.

DeepStream (Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator 2018), the British (AI) startup which helps companies make complex supply chains work more efficiently, raises £5.2M in funding. 

Level (Techstars Seattle Accelerator 2019), the flexible credit service used by independent contractors, lands $7M in funding.

Trala (Techstars Chicago Accelerator 2018), the music education app backed by leaders at Coinbase, LinkedIn, and AirBnB, finishes funding with $6.9M in total investments.

SportsIcon (Techstars Sports Accelerator 2021), an NFT platform allowing fans access to limited edition sports collectibles, receives $5.5M from its latest seed round.

Project Admission (Techstars Sports Accelerator 2019), a sports ticketing technology platform partnering with SeatGeek, earns $5.5M seed round funding.

Onward Delivery (Techstars Iowa Accelerator 2021), a freight marketplace that connects retail stores to underutilized trucks already on the road, announces $4.7M in funding.

Kayhan Space (Techstars Allied Space Accelerator 2020), the space traffic analytics startup, closes $3.75M seed funding round.

Dispatch Goods (Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator 2021), the reusable food packaging company, rallies $3.7M in seed funding.

HData (Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator 2021) raises $3.1M to automate regulatory data for the energy industry.

StudyFree (Techstars NYC Accelerator 2020), a SaaS platform connecting international students to scholarships and grant opportunities, lands a $3M seed investment.

Base Operations (Techstars Impact Accelerator 2018), the global threat-intelligence startup secures $3M in seed 2 funding round.

SwingVision (SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator 2020), the shot tracking tennis app, earns $2M in seed round.

Aquifer (Techstars Austin Accelerator 2020), the AI animation platform, ​​raises $2M in seed funding to help inexperienced creators make high-quality personalized animations.

WePlayed Sports (Techstars Sports Accelerator 2019), the short-form video platform for college athletics, raises $2M in its latest seed round.

Pikup (Techstars Retail Accelerator 2018), Minneapolis-based weekly delivery app, closes out $1.8M in funding to expand delivery options and merchant partners.

Hubly (Barclays NYC Accelerator 2019), a SaaS product for the financial services industry, raises $1.3M seed round. 

WiseAir (Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator 2021), the environmental monitoring platform providing real-time data and insights into air quality, raises €1M in funding.

Unremot (Techstars Toronto Accelerator 2021), the remote office for global consultants, closes a $700k seed funding round.

Pibox  (Techstars Toronto Accelerator 2021), a Ukranian-based SaaS platform for musicians and creators to collaborate on media files, achieves $400k in pre-seed funding.

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