Techstars Portfolio Updates - March 2022

Apr 06, 2022

A roundup of funding updates from the Techstars portfolio in March 2022.

Funding Announcements

Nautilus Labs (Techstars Eastern Pacific 2019), the marine logistics software company, looks to develop new product capabilities, hire talent, and expand offices worldwide by raising $34M in funding.

Dash (Techstars NYC 2021), the Ghanian-based fintech startup providing access to digital wallets and payment networks for African consumers,earns $32.8M in a seed round.

Players Health (Techstars Boulder 2018), the sports technology platform allowing youth access to safer more inclusive sport environments, raises $28M in a recent funding round.

Pixxel (Techstars Space 2019), the orbital imagery startup, raises a $25M series A fund.

Slingshot Aerospace (Techstars Los Angeles 2017), the space simulation & analytics company, puts together $25M in a series A-1 funding round.

Kintsugi (United Healthcare 2020), a medtech startup that uses AI to help clinicians detect depression and anxiety in patients, raises $20M in series A funding.

OpenLoop (Techstars Iowa 2020), a fullstack clinical support startup offering assistance to companies launching & scaling virtual care services, raises $8M in series A funding.

TwelveLabs (Techstars Seattle 2021), the video AI infrastructure tool, will use $5M in seed funding to bring their beta to market.

PairTree (Techstars Seattle 2021), the platform aiming to accelerate opportunities for adopting families and expectant mothers, closes out a $5M funding round.

FutureFit AI (Techstars Workforce Development 2020), the AI powered career navigation platform, closes a $4.5M funding round.

Ecolectro (Techstars Energy 2021), the green hydrogen company, raises $4.5M to further develop and commercialize alkaline exchange ionomers & membranes

Mayday (Techstars Toronto 2020), the automated calendar, scheduler, and personal assistant tool, lands $3.8M in seed funding.

Fonbnk (Western Union 2021), the web3 banking startup enabling DeFi options to mobile-first markets for underbanked users,closes a $3.5M seed round.

Retrocasual (Techstars Seattle 2020), the AI driven platform helping companies train employees, puts together $3.4M in funding.

Dapio (Techstars Hub71 2021), the fintech startup deploying a tap-to-pay solution for android users in the UK, earns $3.4M in funding.

Volta (Techstars Music 2021), the immersive live streaming tech company, collects $3M from a few music industry veterans.

Paerpay (Techstars NYC 2021), the contactless payment company, raises $3M in seed funding.

Xeno (METRO Retail 2018), the tailored B2C brand marketing campaign product, collects $1.6M in funding.