Techstars Portfolio Updates - November 2022

Dec 06, 2022

A roundup of updates from the Techstars portfolio in November 2022.


Think Outside (Smart Mobility 2020), a technology startup developing innovative products for the outdoor and hydropower markets, was acquired by Mitta Group.

Ionic (Cloud 2013), a widely used platform for building mobile and desktop web applications, is acquired by OutSystems.


MadKudu (Techstars Boulder 2015), the product-led growth platform using data to optimize go-to-market campaigns, closes out $18M in Series A funding.

Freight Farms (Techstars Boston 2013), the world's leading manufacturer of container farms, claims a $17.5M Series B funding round.

Wib (Barclays Tel-Aviv 2019), an Israel-based cybersecurity startup, raises $16M in funding.

Orda (Techstars Boulder 2022), a Nigerian-based food tech startup, reaches $4.5M in total funding after closing their pre-seed round.

Options MD (United Healthcare 2020), the LA-based telehealth startup providing care for treatment resistant depression, collects $3.8M pre-seed funding.

Treet (Techstars Anywhere 2017), a branded resale platform helping brands drive long term value and become more sustainable, raises $3.5M in seed funding.

WorkTorch (Techstars Iowa 2021), an HR career discovery platform, raises a $2.2M seed round.

Volteum (Smart Mobility 2022), the fleet optimization startup for electric vehicles, successfully raises €1.25M in seed funding.