Unioncrate cofounder Shastri Mahadeo explains how entrepreneurs can stay motivated and achieve success, by believing in their vision and battling themselves.

Techstars mentor and technologist Susan Standiford talks about her career in tech, the five traits of leadership, and the power of #GiveFirst.

Alloy cofounder Laura Spiekerman explains how celebrating the small wins with your team is a key to founder resilience.

Soliciting advice from experts, consultants, investors, mentors, and other founders is important — but Christie Horvath, founder of Wagmo, knows that ultimately, she needs to rely on her own knowledge and judgment to evaluate that advice.

DigitalOcean cofounder Ben Uretsky talks with Jenny Fielding about how the Techstars Boulder alum grew to unicorn status, currently valued at $1.15 billion, and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

David Cohen speaks with Joy Taylor, who supports entrepreneurs in Toowoomba, Australia and around the world. She brings new meaning to #GiveFirst, supporting entrepreneurship among women, children, migrants, and refugees.

David Cohen speaks with investor, founder, mentor and alternative futurist Gus Balbontin, who inspires entrepreneurs to be agile, innovative and define their own success. He supports the Melbourne startup community and presents around the world.

Chris talks with Brad about how he fosters technology entrepreneurship as an advisor and investor in rising markets in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Brad Feld talks with Semil Shah, founder of the venture capital fund Haystack. Semil was inspired by his mentors to take a risk and shares how it inspired him to Give First by helping others fund their ideas.

Misti Cain is founder of digital strategy company whyzze, host of the business reality show “Werrrk!,” and an All Star Techstars Mentor. Misti talks about what’s needed in a mentor/founder relationship, how to build relationships virtually, and more.