Brett Brohl / Cooking Up Sustainability Through Food Tech Startups

January 12th, 2022

Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator’s Managing Director Brett Brohl joins us to discuss how this program focuses on the future of food tech and sustainability through startups.

Everybody’s got to eat. That’s the mantra of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator and the Bread and Butter Ventures. Managing Director Brett Brohl is passionate about food: cooking it, eating it, and investing in the next group of startups in this area, which has only gained popularity in the past two years despite being a huge market and full of opportunities. “What are the natural spaces to go to when you talk about impact and sustainability? Well, it’s food, because the food system has such an impact on the planet.”

In this episode, Cody chats with Brett about the accelerator and VC company, which invest in tech-enabled hardware and software from biotech on farms all the way to the future of food retail. They also discuss what Brett calls “the messy middle”: logistics, transportation, automation, and manufacturing that get produced food out to the world in a sustainable way.

Cody and Brett also talked about regional commodities versus global commodities, plant-based and cell-based proteins with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and how food waste plays a huge role in the climate impact.

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