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Denise and Jim Franklin on how a scrappy startup grows into a thriving ecosystem

December 18th, 2020

Angel investors and startup supporters Denise and Jim Franklin speak with David Cohen about how a scrappy startup can build into a thriving ecosystem through the magic of Give First. They also discuss the idea of philanthropic angel investing and why it’s important to create your personal board of directors.

Denise Franklin, angel investor and startup veteran, and husband Jim Franklin, former CEO of SendGrid and University of Colorado Boulder MBA Instructor for VC, unpack the mystery of the Give First ethos, from benefiting from the kindness of others early on in their careers, to using their good fortune to help fellow entrepreneurs. They were instrumental in the very first Techstars Startup Week Denver, and give practical advice on how to build a thriving startup ecosystem.    

“If you’re a Series B or later founder or executive, you can pay it forward in a very important way, especially if you’ve been acquired by a large company," says Jim Franklin.

Jim and Denise talk through the concept of philanthropic angel investing and creating your personal board of directors to help you navigate your way through life and your career.

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