How Do I Cultivate a Sense of Topophilia and Why?

June 29th, 2021

Why great startup community leadership starts with a love of place.

Brad and Ian introduce to many the word “topophilia” in The Startup Community Way.  The origin of topophilia is revealed and then we explain what it means with regards to your startup community.

Secondly, what the heck does topophilia mean for you and me as a community leader.  We found two people, Crystal Vann Wallstrom of Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Ben Milne of Des Moines, Iowa to talk about their community and how they exhibit topophilia.

Can events help drive a sense of topophilia?

What role does an innovation center play in creating or driving a sense of Topophilia?

As always, Ian and Brad help interpret what they meant in the book and comment on Crystal and Ben’s stories as well as introduce the concept of “stewardship.”

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