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Maëlle Gavet on helping entrepreneurs around the world create a better world

March 17th, 2021

Techstars founders David Cohen and Brad Feld talk with new Techstars CEO Maëlle Gavet about why she and Techstars are such a great fit and how she plans to continue to help entrepreneurs around the world use technology to create a better world for all. 

In this episode of the Give First podcast, two of the original Techstars founders, David Cohen and Brad Feld, talk with the new Techstars CEO, Maëlle Gavet. 

If you love Techstars, this one is a must listen, a passing of the torch from the first generation of Techstars leadership to the next. 

If you want to learn about Techstars, listen for insight into what the company stands for, values, and does. 

Techstars helps entrepreneurs succeed — through accelerators, mentorship, and a worldwide network. And we do this because we believe entrepreneurs around the world can create a better future for all. That’s why David and Brad (and David Brown and Jared Polis — yes, Techstars had four founders, and one of them is now governor of Colorado) started the company. And it’s why Maëlle is the perfect choice to take Techstars to the next level. 

Want to learn more about Maëlle? Read her book, Trampled by Unicorns: Big Tech’s Empathy Problem and How to Fix It, which offers a stunning condemnation of the bad behavior of tech companies and CEOs — and solutions for a more empathic tech industry.

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