Team Building and Knowing When to Step Away – with Ken Nguyen

December 9th, 2020

Republic cofounder Ken Nguyen talks with Jenny Fielding about how his investment crowdfunding platform helps founders find initial capital for their startups, why it’s important to find team members with superpowers — and how to know when to step away.

Republic cofounder Ken Nguyen made the unlikely journey from general counsel and a law career to entrepreneur. In creating an investment platform for individual small investors, he seeks to democratize wealth. His company partners with Techstars and other investment platforms to connect startups with capital, one investor at a time. It’s a mission that he and every member of his team is passionate about.

“When it comes to hiring,” explains Ken, “it's about how much that person sitting across the table believes in what you do and whether she has a superpower that you think down the road a company can leverage, whether it's content, engineering, or community building.”

Listen to Ken’s story about how he found his way back to New York to reimagine the investment industry and make it accessible to everyone. He tells his fellow entrepreneurs about the value of doing something you believe in, the importance of navigating human dynamics, and the most effective way to solicit and process advice.

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