What does it mean to #ElectrifyEverything? With Andrew Beebe

May 10th, 2021

In this episode of the Techstars Climate Tech Podcast, host Cody Simms talks with Andrew Beebe, Managing Director at Obvious Ventures, about the transition to a renewables-powered economy and how electrification is driving this change. 

From food and the agricultural supply chain to shipping and transport, fossil fuels are embedded in our economy. But that’s changing, as we shift toward being more and more powered by renewable energy sources. How will industries change as we move to #ElectrifyEverything? 

Andrew Beebe, Managing Director at Obvious Ventures, explains how market trends are driving renewables and electrification adoption right now. The name “Obvious Ventures” refers to technologies that we’re going to look back on in the future and think, ‘wow, that’s obvious.’ And Andrew believes that electrification is in that category. 

Listen for insights into what Andrew anticipates will go electric, probably sooner than you think, and what impact that will have on startups — and on all of us. 

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