Why Are Networks A Better Community Structure Over a Hierarchy?

July 23rd, 2021

How people connect and what the rules of engagement say about the growth prospects of a startup community.

I know all of you know the concept of networking, but this version is different and like many concepts is best discussed when we have something to compare the concept to.  And that is hierarchy.

For this podcast, we are talking about community structures:  how the community is connected, how members interact and most importantly the rules of engagement the community abides by.

Older, more traditional communities many times operate in a more hierarchical manner where permissions are needed and where older and/or powerful people serve as gatekeepers.

So, what is a network structure and what is a hierarchical structure and how do they influence a startup community is today’s discussion.

Join Brad, Ian, and me as we take a deep dive into Active Leadership with our guests, Connor Murphy from Dublin, Ireland and Rebecca Lovell from Seattle, Washington.

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