Calling All Problem Solvers: Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend

Apr 02, 2020
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By Jose Iglesias, Senior Director of Community at Techstars

Come together with inventors, innovators, developers and anyone with a passion to tackle COVID-19 in their country in this first-of-its-kind Online Startup Weekend. 

We are at a unique moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an entirely new situation. We are at home, separated from each other. We are afraid. We want to do something to help, but we’re not sure what, or how to get started. That means mentors, judges, community organizers, and anyone else who just wants to help, join us and get involved. 

Here’s how: join the Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend

If you’ve ever been to a Techstars Startup Weekend, you know it’s an amazing 54 hours that lasts from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. During that time, you experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressures that make up life at a startup. 

As you work, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors and sponsors — all of them ready to help you refine your idea. You’ll have the chance to share your idea with others and build a team around it or join a team with an idea that excites you. 

Absolutely no entrepreneurship experience is necessary. In fact, we hope to see a lot of new faces. Developers, designers, marketers, nurses, doctors, students, scientists, teachers — anyone with an idea to tackle the challenges created by the global pandemic are welcome. 

This is your chance to join forces with like-minded people and truly make a difference, all while social distancing and doing what’s right for everyone’s health. A Techstars Online Startup Weekend takes the best of our in-person experience and amplifies it with the scope and reach of the best digital tools available. 

Coming Soon To Dozens of Countries

Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend will be run in dozens of countries, each weekend during the month of April, wherever our experienced Community Leaders are able to organize an event. Each Startup Weekend will focus on developing COVID-19 solutions unique to the needs of a country. This also lets participants work within the laws and regulations of their country, creating solutions that work for the place they live in. 

Because this event is completely virtual, we’re able to bring together hundreds or even thousands of participants, expanding the reach of Startup Weekend and making it even more accessible. We know that great ideas come from everywhere. And we need all the great ideas right now. 

Our world needs problem solvers more than ever. And we know that you are itching to get into the action, to join the good fight, to find solutions and get them working. 

This is an unprecedented opportunity for us all to inspire each other and be inspired in return, to work together, and to develop inclusive solutions. The top 20 teams from around the world will go on to participate in a Techstars Innovation Bootcamp, an intensive three-day exercise in rapidly validating solutions and building companies. Join us, make a difference, and experience the thrill of seeing your idea come to life. 

Stay home. Work together. Change the world. 

For the latest on participating countries and dates, check the Unite to Fight COVID-19 Startup Weekend website and click “Get Involved” to sign up for updates.  

About the Author
Jose Iglesias

Jose Iglesias is Senior Director of Community at Techstars. He leads a globally distributed team, supporting grassroots community and ecosystem engagement across the world, helping to deliver entrepreneurial education and awareness in every corner of the world.