Techstars Podcast Network Recap: The Top Episodes of 2021

Dec 22, 2021

In 2021, Techstars hosted 60 podcast episodes across 5 different shows featuring a total of 74 special guests. We want to express our thanks to all of the guests who joined us this year, our hosts, and most importantly our listeners. 

While we heard a number of remarkable discussions, we want to share the ones that most captivated our listeners this past year. Here are our top 5 podcast episodes of 2021 from the Techstars podcast network.

#1 Andy Sack on Give First and creating a startup ecosystem from scratch from Give First with Brad Feld and David Cohen 

Dedicated to sharing stories which emulate the “Give First” mentality, the Give First podcast featured a handful of powerful messages this year.

In this top episode, we hear an inspirational story from the “Godfather of the Seattle startup community,” and how he eventually went on to support the success of three unicorn companies from the 2011 Seattle Techstars Accelerator class. 

#2 Breakthrough Climate Technologies with Clay Dumas from The Techstars Climate Tech Podcast with Cody Simms 

Cody Simms and his guests on the Climate Tech Podcast consistently find a way to share the ideas which will lead to a cleaner, brighter, more sustainable future. 

Listen to this chart topper for a deep dive into the exciting new technologies that are transforming how we work to slow and reverse climate change. 

#3 New Startup Community Leader? Be Active, Not Passive from Your Startup Community with Chris Heivly, Brad Feld, and Ian Hathaway 

Looking for more insight on how to build a better startup community, or simply want to learn what it takes to grow your startup network? Then this is the podcast for you! 

Featured here, Lesa Mitchell and Gonzalo Villaran discuss how important it is for new startup communities to have leaders who drive activity and meaningful engagement within their teams. 

#4 Talking through unicorns, NFTs, and giving first from Talking Through It with Neal Sáles-Griffin

If you are interested in free-form, fast moving, unscripted conversations featuring guests from every sector of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, then Talking Through It is a must listen.

In this special episode of Talking Through It, we hear from David Cohen on how giving first helped grow the startup community of Chicago, and host Neal Sáles-Griffin talks about trending topics like Crypto, NFTs, and dream dinner guests.

#5  Symplifi: Rethinking the world of remittances from The Lead Up with Jag Singh 

The Lead Up is a can’t miss podcast for founders preparing for their upcoming demo day. Join Jag Singh, Managing Director of Techstars Berlin, as he interviews each company of the 2021 Berlin program in the days leading up to demo day.

Tune in to hear founders Maurice Iwunze and Gregoir Lecomte to discuss the origins of their revolutionary FinTech startup helping migrants get their families back access to credit without having to spend money and pay high fees. 

Editors Choice: Chainalysis on building a blockchain business, values and the future

This honorable mention episode from 2021 features Jonathan Levin, CEO of Chainalysis, with an in-depth analysis of the unique challenges and opportunities in building a blockchain business before Crypto started trending. 

Listen to every episode from the Techstars Podcast Network using the links below!

Give First

The Techstars Climate Tech Podcast

Your Startup Community

Talking Through It

Founder Rising

The Lead Up

Episodes are available on all mainstream podcast platforms as well.