Get to know Enreport - Techstars Sustainability Paris Accelerator

Jun 06, 2023

Dmitry Novikov (CEO) | Aliya Shaykhullina (CBDO) | Dmitry Chekhunov (CSO)

At Enreport, we enable companies and individuals to effortlessly make their energy usage transparent and intelligent, even without prior knowledge of the energy market.

01. Describe the problem/the industry that you are trying to  mediate (and precise the UN SDG-s you are solving). 

Enreport is dedicated to addressing up to 90% of the energy-related problems, aiming to make accessible, affordable, and clean energy a reality. 

We use digital twins to recreate production processes virtually. This means we create virtual models of equipment to help industrial factories optimize energy usage. By doing this, we provide recommendations on how to use the equipment more efficiently, which also leads to a big reduction in CO2 emissions. Our approach helps companies reduce their environmental impact while using energy in the best way possible.

By encompassing the SDG 7 - ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all - and by actively combating climate change and its consequences through reduced CO2 emissions (SDG 13), Enreport strives to make a positive impact.

02. How did the idea to create the company come to mind? How did your team come to be? 

Dmitry Novikov, who has more than 12 years of experience as a power engineer, faced many power generating companies, industrial companies with different production lines struggling with similar energy problems. He came up with new ideas to solve these issues and started Enreport. Shortly after, Aliya Shaykhullina, an experienced business professional joined, followed by Dmitry Chekhunov, whose sales expertise further enhanced the team. It's amazing that these three co-founders have been friends since they were in middle school. The team recently welcomed Leilani Clement, a talented designer who makes the interfaces look great. Together, these four people form an exceptional team of both professionals and friends.

03. Why did you choose to participate in the Techstars Sustainability Paris Accelerator program?  

We decided to join the Techstars Sustainability Paris accelerator program because we believed it would help us overcome the challenges we were facing and reach the next important step in our business. Being part of Techstars provides us with valuable mentorship, connections to a wide network of program alumni, and a dedicated team that supports and accelerates our growth. We understand the importance of being in the right environment that inspires and motivates us. Techstars is the perfect place for us to build and expand our company, making it an ideal choice for our business journey.

04. What are you the most proud of in your initial journey with  your company? 

We are extremely proud of our achievements. What makes us even prouder is that big companies in the chemical and steel making industries have given their stamp of approval to our solution. They see the value Enreport brings and find it simple to put into action. We're excited to offer a solution that not only brings real benefits but also adds great value to our clients' businesses.

05. How do you plan to measure the positive impact of your  company in the next 5 years? 

At Enreport, we have a clear plan to measure our positive impact. We focus on two important things: reducing CO2 emissions and producing clean energy. These measures help us track how much we're helping the environment. But our impact goes beyond just the environment. By spreading awareness and encouraging the use of clean and renewable energy, we also contribute to social and health improvements. When we implement Enreport's solutions, everyone benefits. It creates a chain reaction of positive effects that improve our overall impact.

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