Techstars Hub71 Accelerator Virtual Demo Day: Meet the Companies

Apr 17, 2020

This year, Techstars Hub71 Accelerator’s Demo Day will be entirely virtual. If you haven’t already, register here to watch some of the world’s most promising startups pitch their businesses, starting Monday, April 20, 2020 at 8:00 pm GST. 

Before you tune in for Demo Day, take a moment to get to know the companies that make up Techstars Hub71 Accelerator’s class of 2020.


Aumet allows medical manufacturers and distributors increase their sales by sharing hospital inquiries, business news, search for products, and find potential clients.


BONFLITE is on a mission to address the outdated model of duty free shopping, and transform the boring catalogue into memorable experience for air travellers.


DeFiner is a non-custodian financial institution for digital asset investments, loans, savings, and payments without the middleman.


Designhubz enables Brands & Retailers to sell their products in 3D & Augmented Reality on their websites and apps


Educhain enables secure issuance, sharing, and verification of blockchain-enabled records.

Hydro Wind Energy

Breaking The Barrier to a Carbon Emissions Free Future


We make non-biodegradable plastics microbially biodegrade and then turn the byproducts into valuable endproducts.


Sensgreen is an AI-powered tech company regulating the indoor environmental conditions in commercial real estates.

Sia Secure

A platform that will for Secure Communications as a Service to IoT vendors, smart grid and critical infrastructure and private communication systems.


An award winning hospitality recruiting software that enables hospitality employers to source, find and recruit the best of talent.