Techstars Seattle Accelerator Virtual Demo Day: Meet the Companies

May 4th, 2020

This year, Techstars Seattle Accelerator's Demo Day will be entirely virtual. If you haven’t already, register here to watch some of the world’s most promising startups pitch their businesses, starting Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 3:00 pm PDT. 

Before you tune in for Demo Day, take a moment to get to know the companies that make up Techstars Seattle Accelerator's class of 2020.


Continuous monitoring of voice and text data that ensures customers are happy and enables teams to act quickly when they're not.

Market: mid-market SaaS

Founders LinkedIn: Maxwell FolleyJonathan Minori


Making it easy for everyday experts to offer coaching and advice online.

Market: Mrktplace/E-Comm/Enabler

Founders LinkedIn: Genia TrofimovaDenis Anisimov

MD Ally

Our 911 telehealth solution allows emergency dispatchers and first responders to triage non-emergency callers to virtual care to improve patient outcomes.

Market: Enterprise SaaS 

Founders LinkedIn: Shanel FieldsKojo DeGraft-Hanson 


A managed marketplace, neu is a reliable platform that provides quality cleans, on-demand.

Market: Marktplace/Gig Economy 

Founders LinkedIn: Kwame BolerClaudius Mbemba

Olive Technologies

Simplify and de-risk enterprise technology purchases with Olive's end to end evaluation management platform.

Market: Enterprise SaaS 

LinkedIn: Chris HeardDan Harrison


Live Task Guidance for Hands-On Workers in Manufacturing.

Market: Enterprise SaaS

LinkedIn: Zeeshan ZiaQuoc-Huy TranAndrey Konin


Platform and Marketplace where fans play video games with their favorite influencers

Market: Games/Games Infrastructure 

LinkedIn: Thomas GentleGordon LiRiley Auten 

Spyn Pay

A fintech startup offering a card that keeps you out of debt and in control of your finances.

Market: FinTech 

LinkedIn: Steve Strauch 


Yave is building better businesses in coffee by connecting commerce in a fragmented value chain.

Market: Marketplace/E-Comm/Enabler

LinkedIn: Scott TupperDan CarlsonNicola Claxton 


ZENDOC makes contract management easy for business users. One minute to Sign-Up. Five minutes to "Wow!"

Market: Enterprise SaaS

LinkedIn: Laurent LathieyreOlivier Colle 

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