Five Pillars of Success: Curated Content for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Mar 07, 2019
High Fives

So you’ve got a terrific idea for a startup? Great!

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you may feel overwhelmed by all the new vocabulary and concepts around building a business.

Techstars encourages all of us to #GiveFirst, so today my gift to you is a long list of great resources from across the web. Give these articles a read, and before you know it, you’ll be finding a great co-founder, building a MVP, acquiring customers, perfecting your pitch, and even raising a seed round!

BUSINESS: Defining and fine-tuning your core offering

01. The business model canvas:

02. Building a MVP (Minimum Viable Product):

03. Achieving PMF (Product-Market Fit):

04. Running design sprints:

05. 10 steps to perfect your startup pitch:

06. Pricing your product:

07. Branding must haves:

PEOPLE: Finding and working with the right people

01. Finding great cofounders:

02. How great leaders inspire action:

03. Three types of mentors you need:

04. Five rules for networking:

06. How to write the best forwardable email:

TECHNOLOGY: Getting the tech correct

01. What makes a good CTO?

02. Making engineering team communication clearer, faster and better:

03. Understanding modern web development:

04. What is blockchain?

05. Everything you need to know about AI (Artificial Intelligence):

GROWTH: Getting customers

01. Tools for understanding your customers:

02. The ultimate guide to customer acquisition:

03. Dictionary of marketing terms you should know:

04. Making sales a priority:

FUNDRAISING: Money to grow and scale

01. Raising money for your startup:

02. A fundraising template every entrepreneur can use:

03. What is an angel investor?

04. 16 startup metrics you need to know:

05. Why investors prefer founding CEOs:


Read all these and still want more? The Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit offers videos, exercises, and more to help you #domorefaster.

Saba Karim

P.S. Last year I read 12 books. This year, I set myself a stretch goal, and I’m aiming for 48! However, I’m going to need your help. If you also like reading, tweet at me @iamsabakarim, and let me know what you’re reading so we can chat about it—and possibly feature your recommendation on my next list.

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