Techstars Web3 Community Series: Sean Lee from Odsy Network on Accessibility in Web3

Nov 22, 2022

By Pete Townsend, Managing Director, Techstars Web3

We're thrilled to announce our Techstars Web3 Community Series where we're inviting everyone building in web3 to join our virtual events and engage with leaders from the global web3 community. We're crafting each session to provide the community with helpful insights from people on the front lines of web3 right now.

We're starting on 29th November at 9:30am GMT / 5:30pm HKT with Sean Lee, co-founder of the Odsy Network, and former CEO of the Algorand Foundation. Sean is an accomplished executive in web3 innovation and fintech, and is a senior advisor for the Crypto Council for Innovation. Sean is also a mentor at the Crypto Impact and Sustainability Accelerator @ World Economic Forum, and with the MIT Entrepreneurship & FinTech Innovation Node.

This fireside chat and interactive crowd Q&A with Sean and me will provide insights on:

  • What we mean by 'universal web3 access' and scenarios where universal access will make a big difference

  • Early-stage founders' approach to accessibility when designing their platforms and roadmaps

  • Advocacy and collaboration driving global adoption of crypto and web3

To join us for the virtual event with Sean Lee on November 29th, register here on Crowdcast!

We’ve got more to come with the Techstars Web3 Community Series in December with chats with leaders from across the web3 space.  We’ll announce our upcoming guests from our Techstars worldwide web3 community in the next week, so follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.

If you're interested in aplying for the Techstars Web3 Accelerator program for 2023, please check out our website here and get started with the application process!