Gas on the Fire: Why Techstars is better for founders

Nov 20, 2023

Capital and tech together equals fireworks

Helena Oettingen, CEO and Founder of Metta Space, Yeves Perez, CEO and Founder of workbnb, and Constantine Tsang, CTO and Co-founder of Uncanny all joined Techstars because of its global reputation and its potential to present a handful of unprecedented opportunities. Hear the game-changing reasons they all joined.

Before Helena Oettingen, CEO and Founder of Metta Space, even started the Techstars program, she felt welcomed, and more importantly, advisors and mentors wanted to help her build a solution. 

Metta Space helps HR managers prevent, report, and resolve workplace misconduct. Oettingen participated in the third cohort of the Workforce Development Accelerator Program, which focuses on addressing the challenges of the modern dynamic labor market through innovative technologies. 

Similarly, when Yeves Perez, CEO and Founder of workbnb, started the Techstars program, the impact on his business was immediate. Workbnb is the booking platform for companies to find workforce housing for their traveling employees. 

When he started, between connections, capital, and meetings, “it was like gas on the fire,” said Perez. “It’s like go, go, go.”

The New Frontier 

The connections and the opportunity to own a piece of a tech company, particularly for minorities, said Perez, “is the new frontier.” 

The Techstars global reputation and the network drew Constantine Tsang, CTO and Co-founder of Uncanny, to apply for the program. Knowing the entrepreneurial journey can take years, Tsang found the Techstars network and its potential stood out among all the accelerators. 

“The power of the network can’t be understated,” said Tsang. “You will connect with people who will make a big difference.” 

Connect with difference-makers on your entrepreneurial path. Join us on a transformative journey with Techstars as your partner in success.