Techstars Update - November 2023

Nov 28, 2023

Capital + Programs + Connection = Opportunity

Techstars connects unstoppable founders, wherever they are, with capital, programs, and connections to open up opportunities. See what we've been up to this month!

In review:

23 new investments

4 portcos closing funding rounds

2 portco acquistions


Each year we choose more than 500 early-stage companies to join one of our 3-month, mentorship-driven accelerators, investing $120K and providing hands-on mentorship and access to the Techstars network for life. Check out the latest companies graduating from our programs below.


Techstars has invested in 23 companies through two programs in the past month. Each program has selected 11-12 companies as part of this term’s cohort, bringing our total portfolio to 3,835 companies. Since 2006, our founder-first philosophy has connected us with startups across a range of verticals, linking them to a network of successful mentors and partners. Meet the latest Techstars portfolio companies:

Techstars Austin Accelerator

Profeci | Upgrade Boutique | Superinsight | Legends | Artistree | Be Human(e) | Remembrance | College Contact | GlüxKind | Bleach Cyber | Tromml | Zerio

Techstars New Orleans powered by J.P. Morgan

PopViewers | Monocle | Driven | Cyphr | PipeOps | Gently Soap | Munivestor | Airyvl | HeadOffice | Audioland | GroceryList


Our mission is to enable everyone to contribute to and benefit from, entrepreneurs’ success. By connecting entrepreneurs with corporations and organizations around the globe, we can drive innovation and solve the world’s largest problems. Meet the newest partners supporting Techstars founders:

Arcanys Ventures joins forces with Techstars Torino in a strategic partnership to turbocharge startup technology growth

The collaboration aims to revolutionize the technology landscape for startups joining the next Transformative World Techstars Accelerator in 2024.

"With this strategic partnership, Arcanys Ventures and Techstars Torino are opening doors for innovative startups, regardless of their technical expertise," said Alan Debonneville, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Arcanys Ventures.

LIFTT and Techstars Transformative World Torino team up for the growth of deep-tech startups

LIFTT, an Italian venture capital firm focused on deep-tech investments, and Techstars Transformative World Torino, an accelerator managed by US-based Techstars, the world's leading pre-seed accelerator, have formed a strategic partnership agreement to strengthen the innovation ecosystem of OGR Torino and investments in deep-tech startups.


Techstars accelerators have one goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed. We believe that great entrepreneurs and startups are everywhere but opportunity is not evenly distributed, which is why we continue to launch programs around the world.

During each three-month program, we surround companies with the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. We provide funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops, and curated resources, not to mention countless moments where you can learn from your peers. It’s a proven model that has helped build thousands of successful companies, all over the world. 

Applications opening

Learn more about our 3-month accelerators where founders gain funding, mentorship, and access to the Techstars network for life. The following programs have applications opening soon:

Techstars Tech Central Sydney powered by the NSW Government

Applications Open: January 16, 2024

Demo Days

Techstars accelerator programs culminate with a celebration at Demo Day. This is each company’s chance to show the world how much progress they’ve made in just a few short months. Investors can learn more about our latest investments and portfolio companies by registering for a Techstars program’s live virtual or in-person Demo Day event:

Techstars Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures

December 1 | New York City

Techstars Miami powered by J.P. Morgan

December 4 | Miami

Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator

December 5 | Birmingham

Techstars Boston Accelerator

December 6 | Virtual

Techstars Physical Health Fort Worth

December 6 | Fort Worth

Techstars Los Angeles powered by J.P. Morgan

December 6 | Los Angeles

Techstars Space Accelerator

December 6 | Los Angeles

Techstars ABN AMRO Future of Finance Accelerator

December 7 | Amsterdam

Techstars London Accelerator

December 7 | London

Techstars San Diego powered by San Diego State University

December 7 | San Diego

Techstars Washington DC powered by J.P. Morgan

December 7 | Washington, DC

Techstars Chicago Accelerator

December 7 | Chicago

Techstars Sustainability Paris

December 7 | Paris


Events & Pre-Accelerator Activity

We believe that while people and ideas are equally distributed, opportunity and resources are not. That’s why we are committed to increasing access to entrepreneurship. All over the world. Connect with Techstars at the following events.

Founder Catalyst programs

Founder Catalyst is a pre-accelerator program providing early-stage entrepreneurs with invaluable startup education and mentorship. This part-time, primarily virtual experience is perfectly suited for founders looking to hone their entrepreneurial skills, better understand their target customers, and dig deeply into refining the solutions they are offering the world.

To learn more about Founder Catalyst, click here.

Startup Weekend events

Startup Weekend is a three-day program where aspiring entrepreneurs can experience startup life in hundreds of cities worldwide. See our December events below:

Techstars Startup Weekend Coimbatore

December 1-3, 2023

Techstars Startup Weekend Nogales

December 1-3, 2023

Techstars Startup Weekend Social Innovation Rennes

December 1-3, 2023

Techstars Startup Weekend Stuttgart

December 1-3, 2023

Techstars Startup Weekend Sydney

December 1-3, 2023

Startup Weekend Port Harcourt

December 1-4, 2023

Techstars Startup Weekend Lages

December 8-10, 2023

Techstars Startup Wekeend AI Singapore

December 8-10, 2023

Techstars Startup Week Monterrey

December 11-15, 2023

Techstars Startup Weekend Sana'a

December 14-16, 2023

For a full list of upcoming Techstars Community events, click here.

Virtual events

Techstars hosts a variety of virtual events throughout the year for entrepreneurs. View our upcoming events below:

Office Hours with Corina Hierro RSVP Now


The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed. Check out exit and funding news below from the Techstars portfolio during the month of November.

Portco news

ProcessBolt (Techstars Retail Accelerator 2018), the vendor risk management platform, secures a strategic investment from Orlando Health Ventures.

Enurgen (Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator 2023), the clean tech energy solution for solar system operators, raises over $1M in pre-seed funding.

Fernish (Techstars Los Angeles Space Accelerator 2018), a furniture rental ecommerce platform, is acquired by luxury home staging firm Vesta.

Baton (Techstars Music 2023), the music collaboration platform, raises $4.2M in funding.

Punchlist (Techstars Atlanta 2021), an innovative feedback management tool of teams, is acquired by digital marketing agency Marketwake.

Arvist (Techstars Industries of the Future Accelerator 2022), the Chicago-based startup using Ai to uncover supply chain inefficiencies, gathers a $1.1M fundraise.

Other news

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Business Wire, Techstars Appoints Shirley Romig as Chief Accelerator Investment Officer and Expands Board of Directors with Kristi Mitchem and Julie Harris, November 2, 2023

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