The best that it gets

Nov 16, 2023

You won’t regret joining Techstars Boston. Just ask Jesse Bardo. Bardo was part of the EverTrue founding team that graduated from the Boston program in 2011. EverTrue, a higher education SaaS company, raised a $1.3 million seed round after completing the program, then later closed a $5.2 million Series A round. 

“For the right group of founders, Techstars Boston is the best that it gets,” said Bardo who along with his team grew EverTrue to 400-plus customers and 50 employees in Boston.

Jennifer Davis, Techstars investment principal, wants more founders like Bardo to apply to the spring program. 

“We want to keep this ecosystem as robust and alive as possible,” said Davis, who is looking for founders with grit, resilience and a coachable attitude who are willing to push through the challenges that face entrepreneurs. 

You won’t go it alone, added Kerty Levy, managing director. She touts a group of “amazingly talented people” who are deeply embedded in the Techstars Boston community. 

Between the former founders who’ve had exits (and failures), thousands of founders, mentors, professors, and researchers are engaged with participants throughout the 13-week program. 

“It’s all about the founder and the team and are they the right people who are going to take this idea to the next level,” said Davis.

Techstars Boston has run since 2009, graduating hundreds of startups including PillPack, the online pharmacy that Amazon acquired for almost $1 billion. Read about the current class, and apply now.